Perinatal Fitness Training

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Class Length: 45 minutes

This class offers a little bit of everything and is catered towards pregnant and post-partum clients. We start out with 25-30 minutes of light cardio and strength work. The class concludes is with Pilates-inspired core work, pelvic floor exercise and finishes with a yoga-based cool-down and stretch.  Dumbbells, a mat and optional blanket or pillow is needed for class. Babies are also welcome to join in!


Class Length: 45 minutes

The aim of this class is to maintain muscular strength, promote good posture & alignment and also learn safe pilates-based exercises and stretches that are essential to self-care throughout the pregnancy and post-partum. Proper breathing techniques will also be implemented and practiced.  Pilates can help strengthen the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, improve balance and alignment as the body grows bigger and can help reduce lower back pain. No prior Pilates experience needed. Babies are welcome to join in as well!


Class Length: 45 minutes

Similar to the perinatal pilates class, this class also incorporates more toning and sculpting, all while lengthening the muscles. Designed for pre/post-natal women the main focus is core building, diastasis recti repair and recovery as well as full body strength. Each class finishes will a nice stretch and recovery. Dumbbells, a mat and optional blanket or pillow is needed for class. Babies 6 weeks and older are also welcome to join Mom in class!


Class Length: 45 minutes

This class incorporates cardio, full -body strength training and focused abdominal and pelvic floor work.  Having your little one with you during class is optional. You may carry your baby in a front carrier for the cardio and strength training portion of class.  Dumbbells, a mat and optional blanket or pillow is needed for class.  Best for 6 weeks to 18 months postpartum.


Class Length: 45 minutes

This is a GREAT class to do to ease back into after having your little one.  This class focuses on rebuilding the core to correct diastasis recti and strengthen a weakened pelvic floor.  Full-body strength building exercises are also incorporated throughout the workout (using your little one for extra resistance!).  Each class ends with a massage for baby and a fun nursery song! Previous Pilates is NOT necessary for this mat class.

Cost: $45/6-class session or $8/per class

Check out a sneak peek into the Perinatal Fitness Classes:

Pushing Workshop

Class Length: 60-75 minutes

This workshop teaches pregnant women and their partners the Oh Baby! Fitness Coordinated Pushing technique: “How to Push Out Your Baby,” as well as basic breathing and labor positions. Participants will be empowered as they learn the physiological secret of the pushing phase of labor and will be able to practice this way to easily and efficiently push out their baby. Class fee covers 1 pregnant woman and her partner. Suggested to take at 28 weeks and onward. The earlier the better, so you can practice!

*Days and times vary. Contact Allison for more information or to schedule a private workshop.

Gift Certificate

Looking for the PERFECT holiday, birthday or baby shower gift for a friend or loved one that is expecting or has recently given birth? Choose from a 6-class pass, Coordinated Pushing Workshop or customize the number of sessions you’d like to give. Send me a message for more details or to purchase.

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