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Burn a MASSIVE amount of calories with this high intense Tabata workout!

Build Strength

Grab your weights and join me in this full-body strength building routine!

Let’s get LIIT

Keep your heart rate UP without all the jumping! This is perfect for beginners.

10-Minute Shoulders

All you need is a pair of light weights for this quick shoulder blast!

Low-Impact Tabata

Who says Tabata has to be high impact? Try this if you need a low-impact, but high intense workout!

Step Intervals

This 15-minute, NO REPEAT workout will get you sweating in no time!

Quick Core Workout

Grab your Terra-core and join me in this 12 minute ab sess!

Core & Lower Body

Grab a miniband and join me in this lower body blast!

12-Minute Towel Workout

Who knew a workout towel could be so versatile?

30 Minute Terra-core Workout

If you want a great full-body HIIT workout, this is for you!

Full-Body Band Workout

Are your long loop bands gathering dust in your home gym? Dust them off and do this workout!

Postpartum Core Recovery

If you have recently given birth and ready to begin exercising, start with this safe and effective workout made for YOU!

25-Minute Band Work

All you need is a long band for this full-body circuit workout!

TRX & Band Workout (With cool-down/stretch)

TRX and a miniband makes this workout extra challenging in a great way!

Beginner Lower-Body

This lower-body routine is perfect for beginners and needs no equipment!

Beginner Kettlebell

New to kettlebells? Don’t be afraid, follow this beginner workout and get more comfortable using the bell!

20-Minute Tabata

Do you have 20-minutes? Then do this Tabata Workout guaranteed to make you sweat and muscles burn!

TRX Lower Body Burn

Take basic movements and really focus on smaller, more intense movements for this ultimate lower body TRX workout.

Let’s Have a BALL

Join me in this fun 20-minute Balance Ball circuit!

Have a BALL!

Have a BALL with this fun stability ball workout!

Step & Band Circuit

Burn some MAJOR calories with this workout combining the band and step!

Get L.I.I.T. in this Workout!

Short on time and need a quick low-impact full-body sweat sess? This workout is for YOU!

Strictly Strength

12 minutes and a pair of dumbbells is all you need for this workout!

Full-Length Strength

Join me in this fitness class-style workout that’s a full 45-minutes long!

8-Minute Summer Slim Down

Grab a long loop band and a pair of weights and let’s work!

Terra-Glide Circuit

If you have a Terra-glide or thinking about getting one, check out this workout for all the fun moves you can do!

Tone & Sculpt

No fancy moves here! The focus is on building full body strength!

Full-Body Medicine Ball Workout

Have a BALL with this full-body medicine ball workout!

Let’s have a BALL!

Have a BALL with this fun 25-minute routine!

Post-Workout Stretch

Need a great stretch after your workout? Save this video for your next cool-down.

Core Miniband Workout

Blast the core with this fun and challenging miniband workout!

Beginner Core Workout

This is a great beginner level core workout to build your base. Lower back and pelvic floor exercises are also included!

Terra-Core Time

Grab your Terra-Core and a pair of dumbbells and let’s do it!

Toned & Fit Arms

It’s all about sculpting some sexy arms in this routine!

Flabby Arms NO MORE!

Grab a pair of weights and join in this EMOM workout!

Let’s Work those ABS

With the help of a Balance Ball, this routine will fire up the core!