What Clients are Saying

“Allison’s classes are amazing and I really appreciate her energy, plus she is so good at providing alternate moves (low and high intensity) which is so helpful when you are dealing with the unpredictable ups and downs of pregnancy. I have never felt like there was a workout I couldn’t do under Oh Baby and I have always felt supported during the workouts – that is another thing that makes Oh Baby shine above the rest. 

I am also grateful for Allison’s pushing class, which exposed me to all sorts of information and exercises that have aided in my confidence and readiness for labor and delivery (soon I hope, since I am currently 38 wks).”

-Mae, former Oh Baby! Fitness client and current Mom & Baby client

“My husband and I took Allison’s “Push Workshop” about a month before our due date. The workshop and instructor are fantastic! The information was very helpful. It went beyond the basics of our birthing class by explaining the mechanics of effective pushing and what’s happening on an anatomic level. It was helpful to visualize what my body and baby are doing during the breathing and pushing techniques.

Also, plan to have your partner involved for this workshop! My husband left the workshop feeling prepared to be my support when it’s “go time.” Allison encouraged us to work as a team, even when we’re practicing at home. I can’t say enough good things about our instructor, Allison. She’s amazing! She’s so knowledgeable about the birthing process: she answered all of our questions and demonstrated the correct breathing and pushing techniques (no easy task on Zoom!). My husband and I left the workshop feeling empowered and more prepared for labor and delivery. If you’re looking for something that goes beyond the basics of birthing with an amazing instructor, this workshop is for you!”

-Hadley, Prenatal Fitness and Coordinated Pushing client

“I’ve had a successful birth and wanted to encourage other moms-to-be to take your classes. I used the techniques I learned in (Allison’s) Prenatal Fitness classes and Coordinated Pushing workshop for labor and delivery, and it really helped me physically and mentally prepare, actually deliver, and also understand the recovery process of what muscle is sore and why. This portion specifically on recovery was the most enduring since the first week I just feel like a bus hit me regardless of preparation but I can only imagine how worse the soreness of my back, biceps, and, and legs would have been had I not been training with you. There’s so many muscles I just didn’t know I would need on game day but am so glad I prepared.

The workshop also helped my husband coach me through the birth and it felt like a team effort for us. It’s been great working with (Allison) and I’m looking foreword to the Baby and Me classes!”

-Sarah, Prenatal and Coordinated Pushing client

“Allison’s post-natal classes are so great! Full of energy and she always provides modifications to suit different fitness levels. She is so personable and also interacts with the kiddos on the calls, too. I look forward to them every week!”

-Post-natal Fitness Client

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