Keep COOl when Working Out in the Summer Heat

It’s HOT, it’s HUMID and you still need to get your workout in….

It’s the middle of summertime for many of us and that means sweating a good amount more during your workouts, especially if you’re working out outdoors.  Before heading out the door, be smart and plan ahead so you don’t get caught getting dehydrated or over-heated.

Here are some “Stay Cool” tips to keep in mind when working out this time of year:

  • STAY HYDRATED– Did you know that a loss of only 20% of total body water can cause death?  Yikes!  Water makes up the majority of our body composition and if you are dehydrated, you’re already past the point of thirst.  Read more about the importance of hydration in my previous post.  When the temps are high, increase your water consumption to at least 4-8 ounces for every 20-minutes of working out (more if you’re working out at a higher intensity).  After your workout, consume 16-20 ounces for every pound lost during the workout to help replenish fluids.
  • TIMING– Time your outdoor workouts BEFORE it gets too hot outside.  Get outside before 9 or 10AM or in the later evenings evenings after the sun goes down.  For myself, I love working out in the mornings and try to get out early (especially when I ride my road bike).  Lunchtime and mid-afternoon is the HOTTEST, so avoid going outside during those times. 
  • DON’T FORGET THE SUNSCREEN– Remember to lube up any body part exposed to the sun with sunscreen about 15-20 minutes before heading out.  Look for “Sport” or “Waterproof” screens with at least 30-45 UVB/UVA sunscreens.  Don’t forget your face as well!
  • FIND SOME SHADE– If you’re doing yoga, interval/circuit training or more stationary type exercises, try to find a nice shady spot to do these workouts in.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much cooler it feels in the shade compared to in the sun. 
  • TAKE FREQUENT BREAKS– Listen to your body and take frequent breaks as needed.  If your energy level feels a little low, it’s OK to slow down, walk it out, or even stop and take longer to hydrate in the warmer temps.   
  • WORKOUT INDOORS– I understand with some gyms still being closed, working out indoors is not much of any option.  Be creative with the areas you have in your home and get your workout in!  Check out my Instagram, Allyfitatl, for exercise ideas that work in small spaces 

Stay cool, stay hydrated and keep up the great work!

XOXO, Ally

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