Foolproof Guide to Staying Fit While Traveling

Foolproof Guide to Staying Fit While Traveling

With the combination of the pandemic slowing down, warmer weather and kids on school breaks, it’s a time that people are starting to travel again!  Believe me, I am VERY EXCITED to get back to “normal”, whatever that may be moving forward.  Planning a trip is definitely in the near future! 

Making exercise a priority while traveling is usually not the top of my list of things to do.  There are so many better things to do and time is very short!  However, believe me, you will feel better even if it’s just 5-10 minutes of extra movement each day. 

After over a year of home workouts ONLY, it is so easy to transfer those good habits when you’re not at home!  Here’s a few fun tips to get extra exercise in throughout your vacation without sacrificing a ton of time:

  • Make workouts FUN and involve your entire family or partner!  You don’t have be on your own or away from your loved ones during your workout.  Find family friendly activities you all can do!  For example:  go on a hiking adventure (our family’s favorite!), go for a stroll on the beach, have a push-up contest with your family and see who can do the most in good form, play a game like soccer, football, tag, etc., take a walking tour around the city you’re staying at. 
  • Wake up 30-60 minutes early and get your own workout in! OK, so I’ll admit, I don’t always want to exercise as a family because my workouts are ME TIME.  If you’re in the same boat and don’t want to take away family or couple time during the day, wake up 30-60 minutes before everyone else and knock it out!  If there’s a hotel gym or fitness center nearby, do that or complete one of my no equipment home workouts (YouTube link at the end of the post).  Also think about packing light weight fitness equipment like resistance bands and maybe the TRX (it goes with me on every vaca!).  I’ll put links at the bottom of this post for discount codes for my favorite bands!
  • Don’t skip breakfast!  I totally believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even on vacation.  If you don’t want to eat out, pack yourself some staples from home so you can have a quick and healthy meal or stock up at the local grocery store and stock your fridge (if you have one).  It’s also nice to have your own food with you in case you don’t want to eat out for every single meal.  If you have the option where you’re staying, plan a few healthy meals to stay in and cook.  Easy foods to keep on hand are:  packets of oatmeal, low-sugar cereals, protein bars, yogurt, fruit (think bananas, apples, grapes and oranges), veggies and hummus, cheese sticks. 
  • Sneak exercise in throughout the day!  Exercise throughout the day without having to change your plans!  The first tip is to work your abs!  Anytime you’re sitting or standing, engage the core (suck it in!) and hold for 15-20 seconds.  Slowly release and repeat again 3-5 times.  Do this throughout the day to work your transverse abs. Another tip is to add in extra steps like park the car a little further away, take the stairs, get up and move or walk around at least once every 30 minutes.  Sneak in some calf raises every time you’re in a standing position, do some chair stretches, treat your water bottle like a dumbbell and do some curls or overhead presses! Before you know it, you’ve completed an entire workout through the course of the day

If you do plan on traveling this summer or in the near future, be safe, have fun and get your workout in! 

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Holiday Fitness Series 2020

Holiday Fitness Series 2020

Seasons Greetings!  ‘Tis the season to stay in shape and not gain the dreaded holiday L-B’s. Join me in this 3-part Holiday Fitness Series that will keep you moving and in shape throughout the holiday season! 

Here’s the Challenge:

  1. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel, Allyfitatl, and get notified when videos are released!
  2. Complete all three videos at your own pace within one week during the holiday season.
  3. Follow my fitness account on Instagram, @Allyfitatl, and share a post or story that you completed the Holiday Fitness Series.  TAG ME and at least one other fitness pal to complete the series next! 
  4. Use the hashtag: #allyfitholiday and I’ll share your success in my IG Stories!
  5. Last but not least, HAVE FUN!!!  It’s all about enjoying yourself during the crazy holiday season. Laugh, eat, drink and workout! It’s all about the balance!  Grab a virtual workout buddy and let’s get moving together. 

Let’s finish the year STRONG!

Is it Safe to Exercise During Pregnancy?

Is it Safe to Exercise During Pregnancy?

The answer is…YES! According to ACOG guidelines (The American College of Obstetrician and Gynecologists), “Women with uncomplicated pregnancies should be encouraged to engage in aerobic and strength-conditioning exercises before, during, and after pregnancy”. It is recommended that pregnant and postpartum women get at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity spread throughout the week. Here are just a few of the benefits of staying fit during pregnancy:

  • Women who exercise during pregnancy have been shown to have a decrease risk of cesarean birth, operative vaginal delivery and reduced postpartum recovery time.
  • Feel more energetic throughout pregnancy.
  • Helps prevent depressive disorders in the postpartum period.
  • Experience less overall bodily pains and aches during pregnancy; in particular lower lumbar and sciatic.
  • A reduced risk of gestational hypertensive disorders, gestational hypertension and lower glucose levels.
  • Experience quicker recovery postpartum.
  • Aerobic training in pregnancy has been shown to increase aerobic capacity in normal weight and overweight pregnant women

Here are some great types of exercise to do while pregnant:

  • Walking
  • Stationary cycling
  • Prenatal fitness classes
  • Dancing (low impact)
  • Resistance exercises (eg, using weights, elastic bands)
  • Stretching exercises
  • Hydrotherapy, water aerobics

If you are pregnant or have recently given birth, try one of my online virtual classes for FREE!  Send me a message or check out the Perinatal Fitness Class page for more information and schedule. 

The takeaway is, do not be afraid to workout or begin a fitness program while pregnant!  It is the BEST thing you can do for yourself and your little one.

XO, Ally

*Please consult with your physician or OB before beginning any fitness program during pregnancy and postpartum.

For more information about exercise guidelines, visit:

How to Stay Active During Covid-19

How to Stay Active During Covid-19

What a crazy time it is for everyone during this Covid-19 pandemic.  With schools and businesses shut down and people being encouraged to not leave their homes, it still feels surreal and like we’re all in really bad long movie where we don’t know the outcome.  Learning how to adapt to homeschooling AND entertaining my 6-year-old son, Apollo, has also been a challenge as well. I miss teaching my fitness classes, training clients and being around all of my wonderful work family.  

Despite all the negatives, it’s important to still see the bright side and positives in this unique situation.  If you’re at home with your family, take advantage of this quality time to play with your kids more, re-connect with your partner and do more fun home activities together!  For instance, something that we did not do consistently before was eat meals together.  Now, we are eating most all our meals together, playing more board games and just enjoying the little moments!

When it comes to YOUR health and fitness, this is a GREAT time to begin a workout program or continue to progress with your current fitness routine. I totally understand that space and equipment may be limited at home, but that’s no excuse to not get moving!  Here are some fun suggestions on how to “sneak” in exercise while stuck at home:

  • Take a walk outside– Do this as a family!  This will also be a great way to break up the day from work and homeschooling. Commit, as a family, to do at least one physical activity together each day.
  • Do push-ups, jumping jacks, planks, or whatever floats your boat during commercial breaks when watching TV.
  • Wake up an hour earlier (yes, I know that sounds hard) and workout BEFORE everyone else is up- This is what I do for myself most everyday to guarantee a workout.  I get to zone out on my indoor bike or complete a virtual workout sess. Just GET.IT.DONE!
  • Not an early morning person?  Workout at night after the kiddos go to bed!
  • Play like a kid again!  Grab your bikes, ball, have a race or play an active game outside with your kids.
  • Sneak squats and lunges in throughout your day– while brushing your teeth, do some squats, calf raises while cooking dinner, or lunges while taking a conference call. There are so many ways to sneak in exercise throughout the day! 
  • Work those Transverse Abs!  What are the transverse abs (TA)?  They are deep, innermost abdominals closest to your organs and helps support your lower back. When you suck in your stomach (think about pulling the bellybutton towards the spine), you’re working your TA’s!  Do this when sitting or standing and hold for 20-30 seconds increments throughout the day. 
  • Have an accountability buddy! Challenge your friends to a virtual workout sess!  Whether it’s hopping on Zoom, Facetime or House Party and working out together or challenge each other to complete an online workout!  
  • Invest in some affordable home workout equipment.  Here’s a list and link to my favs:
    • TRX Home2System
    • Gymwell Portable Resistance Workout Set– Use my code to save: GYMWELLAA
    • Hope Fitness Gear bands and sliding discs- A portion of all proceeds goes towards helping children battling cancer and other serious illnesses. Use my code to save: ALLYFIT
    • Tidal Tank on Amazon!
    • Carbon38– OK, it’s not fitness equipment but look stylish while working out! Use my code to save on your first two purchases: ALLISONLEEA20
    • Alo Yoga– Just one more for fabulous and perfect fitting fitness clothes!
  • Take virtual fitness classes on YouTube or follow my daily workouts on Instagram @Allyfitatl 

Stay healthy and safe everyone!

XOXO, Ally

*** I am part of several affiliate marketing programs. If you click on a link and purchase, I may make commission.