Self-care is NOT Selfish!

Self-care is NOT Selfish!

Now that we’re well into the New Year and busy with work, kids’ activities, home life and everything else in between, do you feel like self-care is the LAST thing on your list (or even non-existent)? 

If your answer is YES, we have a problem!  It’s time to prioritize and really re-evaluate your lifestyle your busy schedule so there is more YOU time!  You’ve probably heard this before, but if you can’t take care of your own health and well-being, it’s impossible to give your BEST self to others. 

Here are 10 tips on how to give yourself some extra self-care during busy days:

  1. Wake up early and start the day with a few minutes of mindfulness or meditation.
  2. Set aside a specific time each day for self-care, such as reading a book, taking a bath or going for a short walk.
  3. Take short breaks throughout the day to breathe deeply and recenter yourself.
  4. Prioritize sleep and make sure to get enough rest each night.
  5. Plan your meals in advance and make sure to eat health and nourishing foods throughout the day.
  6. Schedule regular exercise during your day.  Block time out on your calendar (like you would for a meeting) and never cancel on yourself!
  7. Make time for regular hobbies and interests that bring you joy.
  8. Set boundaries with your work and personal life to avoid burnout (I know we’re all guilty of this one).
  9. Get outside and spend time with nature whenever possible!
  10.  Practice gratitude and focus on the positive aspects of your life.

It’s important to remember that self-care is not selfish, but necessary in order to take care of yourself so you can take care of others and perform at your best.

I’d love to hear self care habits you have for yourself!  Leave a comment on this post to share.

In good health,


Total Body Reset Challenge Begins January 9

Total Body Reset Challenge Begins January 9

Happy Holidays! We’ve almost made it to 2023 and I know it’s going to be a GREAT year ahead!  If you’ve been a long time client of mine, THANK YOU for your continued support over these past few years.  It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride continuing to learn new ways to adapt to the new norm of the fitness industry! 

If the holidays are getting you off track with your workouts, NOW is the time to commit to making fitness a part of your everyday life for 2023!  I’m so excited to announce that I’ve once again partnered with the Waybetter app to bring you a NEW fitness accountability challenge!  Join me in the Total Body Reset Challenge!  Whether you’re new to working out or just getting back into a regular routine, this challenge is for you! All the workouts are low-impact and beginner friendly that you’ll follow along with.

Here’s the details:

Total Body Reset Challenge

Dates:  January 9-January 29 (3 weeks)

Enrollment:  Now-January 11

Cost:  $0 Enrollment fee!  $30 bet requirement

Requirements:  Complete 4 workouts per week and take a sweaty selfie on the Waybetter app to get credit for that day’s workout.

Program description:  During this challenge, we will work the entire body from strength, low-impact cardio, pilates, core and MORE!  This is a beginner-intermediate level program but can easily be more challenging by increasing the weight load and adding higher impact moves. The custom made workouts are videos that you’ll follow along with so you don’t have to plan your routine, I’ll do it for you! The workouts are anywhere between 20-45 minutes long each. The only equipment you’ll need for this challenge is a light or moderate pair of weights or a mat.  Many of the routines are no equipment as well. The best part of this I’ll be with you every step of the way along with your accountability teammates!  Reach out directly through the app to me if you have any questions through the game. 

How to win: Complete the entire challenge (12 total workouts) and WIN your money back PLUS some extra $$ from the pot for completing all the workouts!

Follow this link to register:

Total Body Reset is a WIN WIN!  Complete the workouts, win money AND adopt a healthy lifestyle change!  Who doesn’t want that? 

Let’s workout together and start 2023 STRONG!

In good health,


Jumpstart into Fitness 2022

Jumpstart into Fitness 2022

I am so excited to share with you my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! 2022 is right around the corner and if you’re like me, I’m ready to JUMPSTART into the New Year!  I am thrilled to share that I have partnered with the Way Better app to host a 4-week “Jumpstart into Fitness” challenge!

For 4 weeks, commit to workout alongside with me for just 30 minutes a day, 4 days a week!  I have designed specific workouts for this challenge for ALL FITNESS LEVELS from beginner to advanced! The only equipment you need is a set of dumbbells.

Jumpstart into Fitness Details:

Challenge Date: January 10-February 6

Enrollment Time: NOW through January 12 (you get a 2 day buffer)

Cost: $20

The Challenge: Complete 4 days of working out (30-minutes each) for 4 weeks.  Links provided to follow along with me for ALL of your workouts!

ACCOUNTABILITY! Stay accountable with me as your coach and a supportive community of like-minded individuals

Check in on the app to chat with other players, ask questions and connect with me

Plus, if you’re really looking to up the stakes, you can place a BET on YOURSELF and win some money for completing the challenge and hitting your goals!  Follow this link to join the program and let’s get sweaty together!

Who’s in? Join the Challenge HERE!

Reserve your spot by signing up TODAY and let’s crush 2022 TOGETHER



New Year, New You?

New Year, New You?

Who else HATES that saying?  I totally get the idea of New Year, New You…BUT that saying is so overused and misinterpreted in many ways.  INSTEAD, let’s focus on continuing our healthy habits from the previous year and build on that.  If you fell out of your fitness and or eating routine over the holidays, no worries!  If you’re like me, I was surrounded by not-so-healthy foods and my workout schedule was inconsistent.  And that is A-OK!  No need to beat yourself up for that.   Start fresh TODAY and get back to your healthy pre-holiday habits.   

Here are 5 tips for getting back on the healthy train:

  1. Get back to eating whole, nutritious foods at home:   Get rid of the processed junk food that accumulated over the holidays and fill up the fridge and pantries with healthy, fresh foods.  Review my previous post, “Healthy Eating at Home” on my blog, Click HERE
  2. Have an Accountability Buddy:  It’s been proven that having an accountability buddy will help increase the likelihood that you’ll stick to a healthy lifestyle program.  Whether it be your spouse, friend, trainer or nutrition coach, etc. knowing that someone is checking in will keep you more accountable and less chance to fall off the wagon!
  3. Reduce Alcohol Consumption:  This one seems very obvious, but the day and age that we’re living in now has probably made reducing alcohol consumption a bit more challenging.  According to medical experts, alcohol has been used MORE during the pandemic to help deal with individuals battling mental and emotional distress, loneliness and physical isolation.  With some things still being out of our control and many of us continuing to work remotely 24/7, it’s important to be aware of weekly or daily alcohol consumption.  Be proactive and make the change to reduce this habit.  I’m not saying to completely give up drinking, but maybe instead just have a glass or two on the weekends and cut out the weekday/night drinking.  For more information, visit
  4. Be more Active: Dedicate at least 5 days a week to 30-60 minutes of exercise.  Believe me, you’ll feel MUCH better when you can get up and move!  No time?  Break this up into mini workouts of 5-10 minutes multiple times per day instead!  Check out my YouTube channel for a variety of short and longer workouts fit for any fitness level HERE
  5. Soak in some sun:  I know it’s winter where most of you are located, but breaking up the work day by stepping outside for even 5-10 minutes once or twice can have such a positive impact on your day overall!  Soak in that Vitamin D and take a few deep cleansing breaths!  Of if you’re like me, take the pups out for a walk and now you both get a break from the house AND a quick workout in!

Happy New Year and cheers to a HEALTHY and FIT 2021!